What’s the difference between free and premium?
Can I see the website designs?
Can I change my website design?
How much storage do I get?
Can I move my website somewhere else?
No activation email

‘Before I start’ questions

Do I have to pay for anything? No, LawFirm911™ is, and will remain, free.  There is no charge for any one of the free website designs; no charge for hosting; and no management fees.  There are some optional upgrades, such as premium website designs and, if available, premium domain names.

What’s the difference between free and premium? Free websites have the same functionality of premium websites. You can still create all of the pages you want, upload photos and videos, have podcasts, etc.

The only difference is that free website designs have a simpler look and feel. Free designs have a single level menu for pages, while the premium designs have a more expensive look and have a drop-down or expanding menu for sub pages or topics. For instance, the menu button “Practice Areas” may have a drop-down menu to reveal buttons leading to a separate page for each of your practice areas. With the free design, the menu button “Practice Areas” would lead to one page where you could either list all of your practice areas or simply list links, each one link to a separate page for a particular practice area.

Premium website designs are only 299.95/month with a one-time $499 setup fee including setting up your own domain and SEO work to help you get to the top search results when you add a little content.  A 10% discount may be available through your bar association.  If you haven’t received an offer from your bar association, please have them contact us or send us an e-mail yourself and we will contact them.  Premium designs are available free with premium domain names if you license one of our vanity phone numbers 800-HURT-911, 800-DRUG-CRIMES, 800-I-CAN-WIN or 800-USLAW-911.  If you are interested in using one of these vanity phone numbers, please contact me.

Can I see the website designs? Right now, you can see the designs by logging into your control panel after creating a free website.  Simply create your free website first.  You can also see some thumbnail images of free and premium website designs on the Features page.  We will soon have a page with images of available website designs.

Can I change my website design? Yes. You can change from one design to any other design at any time. Just log in to your control panel; click on the Design tab; click on the design you want; you will then see your site with the new design; if that’s what you want, click on “Activate”.

If you are changing from a design with a single level menu to a design with a multilevel menu, you will be able to create sub pages.  For instance, under “Practice Areas”, you will be able to create a different page for each area of practice.

How much free upload space do I get? What files can I upload?

You can upload almost every file type you could need.

You get 50MB free upload space and can upload files up to 10MB in size.  Unless you intend to upload a lot of videos, you won’t need more than that.  You can increase your upload space for a small fee, but you can also stream videos for free from YouTube which does not use any of your space.  Additionally, our podcast feature allows you to stream podcasts for free without using any space.

Can I move my website somewhere else if I want to?
You can backup your website at any time for free and move it somewhere else. If you don’t want to pay another website company, all you have to do, is set up a hosting account at a company like for about $5/month; download WordPress for free from and install with their famous 5-minute installation.  From your control panel in WordPress, restore the backup file which you created.  If you need help moving your website to a new location, we can give you instructions or do it for you for a small fee.

Account Questions

I haven’t received an activation email? – The most likely reason is that you either made a typo when creating your website/blog or that our e-mail is ending up in your spam filter.  There are three possible places where our e-mail can be intercepted:

    1) Your ISP (Internet service provider) could think in our e-mail is spam if your spam
    settings are set to high;
    2) Your law firm mail server may have its spam settings set to high and could be taking out our e-mail;
    3) Your filter or spam settings in your e-mail client such as Outlook may be filtering out our e-mail.  First, look in the spam or bulk mail folders.

By the way, we recommend that you do not use spam filters because important legitimate e-mails can be filtered out causing you to lose business or worse (see this article from about a lawyer who was sanctioned by the court for using a spam filter).

Solutions: Try to create a new blog again. If it says your email is already in use or you still do not receive our e-mail, then please try using a free email account, like Gmail or Yahoo (they don’t mark us as spam) or contact your ISP or the person in charge of your law office email server.