Why set up a website at LawFirm911™?

It’s Free or Ultra Low-Cost
You can set up an entire website completely for free with a choice of several attractive designs.  If you want a fancier looking website, which looks like a $7,500 website with a $2,700 monthly maintenance fee, a LawFirm911™ premium site is only $299.95/month with a $499 setup including setting up your own domain and important SEO work which will help you get to the top search results when you add a little content.

Many expensive law firm websites, costing as much as $7,500-$20,000 set up plus $2,700-$900 per month, use the same WordPress software. The difference is that a LawFirm911™ site is:

  • Free (or only $299.95/month $499 setup for a premium design)
  • Allows you to create pages (not just articles) without charge
  • Allows you to have many SEO and other features without charge
  • Allows you to upload photos, videos and podcasts without charge
  • No charge for hosting and no management fees
  • You get complete control over your website without any hidden fees.

Search Engine Optimization
Even law firms that pay thousands of dollars often do not appear in the top search engine results.  With a free LawFirm911™ website, you will quickly get into the top search engine results without paying thousands of dollars.  This is because LawFirm911™ uses WordPress blog software to power your website.

You’ve probably heard that Google and other search engines love blogs, but you probably don’t know why.  Blogs have three important features that search engines love.

  1. Blogs were designed to easily add new content and I’m sure you agree that search engines love new content;
  2. Because it’s easier to add content, blogs usually have more content than a simple website (more is always better);
  3. WordPress and other blogs have built in RSS distribution software.  This automatically distributes your content by syndication to hundreds and even thousands of websites.  When you create a new page on a regular website, hopefully, Google and other search engines will come to index your page and include it in the search results.  When you publish a new page or article in WordPress (note the use of the word publish instead of create), the content of that page or article is automatically sent to numerous distribution websites that in turn distribute your content to hundreds of other websites, sending search engines and website visitors back to your website.  This is the difference between writing and selling your story to a local newspaper or writing and selling your story to a syndication of thousands of newspapers.

At LawFirm911™, you write your own content.  It may be easier to pay a few thousand dollars to a website company to give you a new website complete with content, but that’s only good to use your website as a law firm brochure.  When you buy content, it will be duplicate content and will be ignored by the search engines.  Unfortunately, you need to write your own content.

Using WordPress gives you a tremendous advantage, but you can improve that advantage even further with additional on-site search engine optimization.  When you create your website at LawFirm911™, you are provided (free) several additional add-on SEO software packages to do that for you automatically.  These add-ons perform search engine optimization automatically in the background so you don’t have to know how to do it and don’t have to even think about it.  One add-on automatically creates a unique title tag, description meta tag and keyword meta tag for every page and article.  See Search Engine Optimized, out of the box, under the features tab.

To appear in the top search results, all you have to do is write a new page or article every once in a while and include the name of your town in the page or article content.  I recommend publishing 1-3 articles per month and within a few months, your website will be in the top search results.  After publishing a number of articles, I now only publish two or three per year and my website LawyerAdvertisingBlog.com is #1 in Google for the search phrase “lawyer advertising” and “attorney advertising”.

LawFirm911™ Provides You with Beautiful Designs
You can choose from beautiful free and premium designs for your website.

LawFirm911™ Updates Your Software
WordPress is frequently updated to provide new improvements and security.  Additionally, each of the add ons are separate pieces of software which are also frequently upgraded, all at different times.  We update the WordPress software and all of the individual pieces of add-on software for you, without charge.