Ways to get help with your LawFirm911™ website

Video Tutorials : Helpful short videos that explain how to use your LawFirm911™ website/blog:

  • 5 Minute introduction
  • Writing articles (posts) and static pages
  • Using the ‘Manage’ tab (managing your website)
  • Customizing your design
  • Configuring your settings
  • Using plugins
  • Managing ‘Users’
  • Uploading Images & Photos

Beginner and advanced lessons for your new WordPress site

The LawFirm911™ Forums : (coming soon) Search for answers and post questions.

FAQ : Find answers to commonly asked questions about LawFirm911™.

FAQ at WordPress.com (most of this applies here as well and will soon be rewritten to specifically apply here)

Paid support- coming soon

More How To… Topics

Using the Free Design Theme Mimbo(Mimbo forum-just search and read or register and post your question)

Change the words in the text of the header title and subtitle

Cutomize or change the header image on a premium law firm website design

Adding an audio podcast to your website/blog

How do I change the title of my blog?

Uploading an image

Video-How to Upload Images & Photos

Putting an Image in Your Sidebar

Image Settings – Titles, Descriptions, Captions, etc.

Using the text widget

How can I post buttons and images links in my sidebar?

How can I download a backup copy of my pages, articles & comments?

How to Do Things That Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Create a site map

Writing title and description tags for images you upload to your website

Promote your law firm’s website at these directories:

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Lawyer directory at LawFirms911™

Legal Directory Lawborhood™