This article will show you how to change the text and color of the title and subtitle in the header of your law firm website or how to hide the text of the title and subtitle if you will be using a custom website header, so it does not interfere with your header design.

Changing the header title and subtitle text on premium and free designs:
1 Log in to your control panel
2 Click on the "Settings tab"
3 Change the text in the "Blog Title" and "Tagline" fields.

Changing the color or hiding the text in the header on a premium LawFirm911™ website design:
1 Click on the "Design" tab
2 Click on the "Custom Image Header" tab
3 Ignore
4 Ignore
5a Click on "Select a Text Color " to change the color of the title text or
5b Click on the "Hide Text " button just above the "Select a Text Color"button, if the title text interferes with your header image.
6 Click on "Save Changes"

Control Panel to upload new header image for a premium law firm website design