Create Pages & Articles

While other website companies don’t let you create new pages without paying a fee, LawFirm911™ lets you create as many pages as you want for free. Of course, you can also upload articles all day long.  Adding pages and articles with new content is great for search engine optimization.  To make it real easy and fun, I recommend dictating all your content with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to dictate everything on LawFirm911™.

Create Landing Pages

You can easily create free landing pages.  Landing pages are simply a separate page designed to be the first page seen by a website visitor.  Landing pages are often used with keyword bidding.  For instance, if you  have a general personal injury website showing pictures of accidents and you bid on the keyword phrase “bextra lawsuit”, you will get a better response if the people who click on your keyword bidding ad land on a special page with information about bextra lawsuits.

Create Contact Forms

You can create multiple free contact forms with custom fields and an anti-Spam challenge question.

Sitemap page

All design templates include a Sitemap link at the bottom of every website page and the software that automatically creates a Sitemap page. You can easily create a page with a viewable, pretty Sitemap with clickable links in 30 seconds.   All you have to do is create a blank page and call it “Sitemap”.

You also get software to automatically create Google and Yahoo site maps which are different in that they are only used by search engine robots, don’t look pretty, and include date and time information or when the file was created and last edited.

Upload Photos, Videos & Create Podcasts

You can upload photos and videos for free!  With a free plugin, all of your articles are instantly converted to podcasts and sent to podcast distribution websites where people can find your content and download an article to their iPod type device or even subscribe to your podcast feed.  Additionally, the free plugin automatically places a “Listen” button at the top of each article on your website so people can choose to listen to your content.  Not only do we provide you with the plugin for free, but the podcast service and on-site text to speech conversion is also free!

Search Engine Optimized, out of the box, and it’s free!

You want your website in the top search engine results, but don’t want to pay for it and don’t know how to do it. We make sure that your blog receives complete onsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO), through the installation of several SEO WordPress plugins. Everything is done automatically for you behind the scenes, so you don’t even have to think about it. The only thing you have to do is activate the plug-ins and add some content once every so often and that’s easy to do because we let you do it for free.

Some of the Automatic SEO optimization features:

  • Inserts a social bookmark button on every page and article (see the one on this page)
  • Optimizes your titles for search engines and creates a title tag automatically
  • Generates description and keyword META tags automatically
  • Avoids duplicate content often found on WordPress blogs
  • Protects you from being banned by syndicating original content, not edited content
  • You don’t even have to look at the options, it works automatically out-of-the-box!

Automatic Installation, Easy Setup, Support Available

All you do to install your new website is pick your domain name, username and password. Voila! your new website is installed in seconds, Try It Now.  Some features such as search engine optimization Plugins are automatically installed and setup for you as soon as you create your new website.  To set up some features, you only have to click on the “Plugins” tab and click on “Activate”.  I provide set up for a premium design including mapping to your own domain name and initial search engine optimization for only $499.

Your Domain Name

You can use any of the following domain names:

  • Free domain name that you make up which will be (you always start with this name);
  • Change your free domain to your own existing domain name (;
  • Change your free domain to a new domain name you register any time later; or
  • Use one of our premium domain names, such as (if available).

A little-known secret is that domain names such as, and are all treated by search engines as entirely different websites for search engine optimization purposes.  The only difference is for off-line advertising where you want and easily remembered domain name.  This allows you to obtain a keyword rich domain name at, as long as it’s still available here!  When creating your your free website, pick your name at carefully (you can always use your own domain later) Since we allow lawyers to have multiple free websites, we reserve the right to disallow lawyers from hoarding domain names to prevent other lawyers from using them.

Free and Premium Website Designs

We just started and will continue to add great new free and premium designs all the time. You can get started now with one of our existing designs and if you see anything in the future you like, you can change the look of your website with just two clicks.

Examples of our free designs (click for large image)

Examples of our premium designs (click for large image)


Video Tutorials

Premium website designs come with over 30 video tutorials in your control panel dashboard showing you everything you need to know.


Premium website designs come with testimonial software allowing you to enter the testimonial with the person’s name and it automatically appears in the main static column which is visible from every page.

Allow Readers to Post Comments On Your Articles

This feature allows you to choose whether to allow readers to be able to post comments on your articles.  Allowing readers to post comments on your articles provides additional new content to your website which improves your position in the search engine’s.  Of course, with every advantage there’s a disadvantage.  Now, you have to worry about comment spam.  No problem, that problem is solved.

Comment Preview

Another feature allows readers to preview their comments before posting the comment.

Allow Readers to Subscribe to Comments
Enable commenters to sign up for e-mail notification of subsequent entries. A full-featured subscription manager enables your commenters to unsubscribe to certain posts, block all notifications, or even change their notification e-mail address!  Of course, it’s free.

Backing up Your Content
You can download a backup of your website content at any time from your control panel.  LawFirm911™ backs up all websites and the hosting company backs up nightly in the event of a catastrophe.